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Hiii,I'm Hailey & I adore the handsome country singer named Hunter Easton Hayes. // I can find where I belong & I'll find it in a song. || I miss you,Cory.

Hunter talking about streaking, asses, and spirit animals. →


I’ve posted this before but this has been around since last year and its still my all time favorite interview that he’s ever done. The interviewers are hilarious and Hunters just kinda there being adorable. I’ve listened to this at least 200 times and I still laugh every single time so I’m brining it back for y’all

and it doesn’t hurt that he mentions redheads all on his own.

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Hunter Hayes at the Allentown Fair


Hunter Hayes at the Allentown Fair

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this cover literally means everything to me

Luke Hemmings - The Fray You Found Me (Cover)

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I get progressively uglier throughout the day

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